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Trust Litigation Attorney in Corpus Christi

Trusts are accounts that allow one party (referred to as the grantor, settlor, or trustmaker) to transfer assets via a second party (the trustee, or manager of the estate) to a third party (the beneficiary). Because trusts come in many forms and often involve high-value properties or inheritances, disputes are common and exceedingly complex. A trust is a private affair until a dispute brings it into a court of law, and, to further complicate matters, the dispute may occur during or after the grantor’s lifetime.

At Rothschild Law Firm in Corpus Christi, our trust litigation lawyer will help you navigate these complex legalities. Our goal is to use our decades of experience, refined legal skills, and close attention to detail to analyze your case and help you attain a fair resolution.

Whether you are a grantor, trustee, or beneficiary, our Texas law firm is ready to advocate for your best interests. Contact us at (361) 866-5437 today.

Types of Trust Disputes We Handle

People create trusts for many reasons. They may use trusts to care for a minor or a mentally incompetent adult, or they may be attempting to avoid hefty taxes or probate. Trusts typically allow grantors to exert a greater level of control over their estate (and its long-term distribution) during their lifetime.

With the wide variety of motivations for creating a trust comes an equally diverse range of potential disputes. Trust litigation may occur between the grantor, trustee, and/or beneficiaries, and may arise because of disagreements regarding the terms, management, or even creation of the trust. A family member, for example, may pursue trust litigation because they were not included in the trust, or they believe certain beneficiaries should not be involved. The grantor may have established the trust without observing certain legal formalities, and, therefore, it may be rendered invalid.

Some of the most common trust disputes we’ve handled involve:

  • Tax disputes (concerning excessive taxes or unlawful tax evasion)
  • Challenges to heirship (by those who believe they have the right to portions of the inheritance, or that others do not)
  • Trust interpretation or reformation (because the wording may be ambiguous, or a change of circumstances calls for revised terms)
  • Trust contests (claiming the trust is invalid, due to factors such as fraud, undue influence, the grantor’s mental incapacity or lack of intention, etc.)
  • Removal of fiduciaries (due to trustee incapacity, violation of the trust’s terms, mismanagement of estate, or breach of fiduciary duty)

As a result of trust litigation, the trustee may need to pay damages or relinquish control over the trust’s assets. The asset distribution process may be slightly adjusted or completely revised. Because trust litigation will likely impact everyone involved, seeking the advocacy of our qualified attorney will be crucial for your financial future.

How Long Does Trust Litigation Take?

Because trust litigation may arise for a wide range of reasons, every case is different. Some cases are settled quickly and outside of the courtroom. Others involve substantial inheritances, multiple beneficiaries, and complex legal implications, and the litigation process may take years. Our attorney will work as efficiently as possible so you can trust that every moment you spend in the litigation process is necessary for a favorable outcome.

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At best, trust litigation is complex, and at worst, it is highly stressful for all parties. In our experience representing grantors, trustees, and beneficiaries, we have cultivated the knowledge and skills needed to navigate trust litigation with both efficiency and compassion. As a family law specialist, our lead attorney is invested in mitigating the destructive effects of legal disputes and helping families protect their financial futures.

Rothschild Law Firm will provide the level of representation and dedicated advocacy your case deserves. Call (361) 866-5437 or schedule your initial case review today.

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